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Mailtips feature is not working

Discussion in 'Exchange Server Questions' started by Carlos Adam, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Carlos Adam

    Carlos Adam

    When typing in a new email in Outlook Web App, the Mailtips feature is not working. When I expand the Mailtips dropdown, it is stuck on loading... above the To field in my message. The Mailtip never shows up. I am running the CAS, Hub Transport and Mailbox roles on the same server. I used Get-OrganizationConfig in powershell to check the settings and it is turned on which is the default.

  2. Steve Goodman [MCITP]

    Steve Goodman [MCITP]

    Hi, Have you checked your EWS Virtual Directory is correcty configured on your server? Steve
  3. Andres Bohren

    Andres Bohren

    Hi Carlos

    I suggest you some reading here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd335095.aspx

    Get-OrganizationConfig | fl MailTip*

    Get-MailboxServer -Identity Servername | fl GroupMetrics*

    Regards Andres

    -- MCSE 2003 MCSA 2003 Messaging MCITP: Enterpise Administrator MCTS: Windows Server 2008 MCTS: Exchange Server 2007 Configuration MCTS: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 VCP - VMWare Certified Professional
  4. Fazal Muhammad Khan_

    Fazal Muhammad Khan_

  5. James-Luo [MSFT]

    James-Luo [MSFT]

    Please run the cmdlet “Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory” to check the output of EWS settings

    Please verify if the EWS virtual directory is working by accessing the URL below, you shall see a lot of XML info. If the error returns from IE, please refer to KB 943891

    HTTPS://<Exchange 2010 CAS FQDN>/EWS/Exchange.asmx

    Please use outlook diagnostic logging for troubleshooting. It records the SOAP messages between client and CAS server. In the typical scenario, client will send two requests, &ldquo;Request the organizations MailTips configuration settings&rdquo;, &ldquo;Request MailTips for individual recipients after the evaluation based on the settings&rdquo;

    How to enable diagnostic logging: Click &ldquo;File&rdquo; button, &ldquo;Advanced&rdquo;, select &ldquo;Enable troubleshooting logging (requires restarting Outlook)&rdquo;, restart outlook

    The log files location: %LocalAppData%\Local\Temp\Outlook Logging

    Notes: To make the log more readable, copy the log to word, and then replace all &ldquo;><&rdquo; with &ldquo;>^p<&rdquo;, which will add returns between lines

    You can also diagnostic logging on the CAS server for troubleshooting


    Troubleshooting MailTips

    James Luo

    TechNet Subscriber Support (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/subscriptions/ms788697.aspx)

    If you have any feedback on our support, please contact tngfb@microsoft.com
  6. Carlos Adam

    Carlos Adam

    I am currently running in a co-existence screnario with exchange 2007/2010.

    This is the output I get from running Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory:

    Name Server InternalUrl &amp; External are the same

    EWS(Default Web Site) Exchange2007 https://owa.accellos.com/ews/exchange.asmx

    EWS)Default Web Site) Exchange2010 same as above

    I was able to connect to the EWS virtual directory and see a lot of XML info.

    I am using outlook 2007 so Mailtips is not available. Do you still suggest the diagnostic loggging?

    I have also checked out the Troubleshooting MailTips link but it did not help me.

    Thanks also for the other links below which I have also looked at but did not help me correct the issue.


  7. James-Luo [MSFT]

    James-Luo [MSFT]

    If the /OWA virtual directory that you accessed was on the exchange 2007 CAS server, MailTip feature isn&rsquo;t available. And also even if you are accessing the /OWA on the exchange 2010 CAS server, since only an exchange 2010 web session can support MailTip. MailTip won&rsquo;t be supported if the mailboxes are on the exchange 2007 MBX server because Outlook Web App 2010 cannot proxy to an Exchange 2007 mailbox

    If you are accessing the exchange 2010 CAS server, with exchange 2010 MBX server, and the issue still persists, please see if there&rsquo;s any further info in the IIS log for troubleshooting

    The IIS log can also be reviewed to identify if Organizational Configuration and MailTips requests are being received by EWS. You search the keyword like &ldquo;GetServiceConfiguration&rdquo; and &ldquo;GetMailTips&rdquo; in the IIS log after reproduce the issue

    James Luo

    TechNet Subscriber Support (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/subscriptions/ms788697.aspx)

    If you have any feedback on our support, please contact tngfb@microsoft.com
  8. Carlos Adam

    Carlos Adam

    Hi James,

    Sorry for the delay but we just started testing the outlook 2010 client. Mailtips is working using outlook 2010 but not with OWA 2010.

    I also searched the IIS logs and found the keywords " GetServiceConfiguration&rdquo; and &ldquo;GetMailTips&rdquo; many times.


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