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Hi, Is Outlook 2010 compatible thru active sync with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.

Discussion in 'Using Outlook' started by RWOlin, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. RWOlin


    I just want to be able to sync: calendar, contacts, and tasks to my mobile from my PC and vise versa.

  2. Guruprasad Ra

    Guruprasad Ra

    Outlook 2010 is compatible to sync with windows mobile 6.1

    What happens when you try to sync?

    How the office installed (Click 2 run or traditional MSI installation)?

    Refer to the following link for more information:


  3. Karl Timmermans

    Karl Timmermans

    Senior Member
  4. RWOlin


    Hi, thank you for the help. I haven't tried it yet but I will soon. Much appreciated. :)

  5. RWOlin


    Hi, thank you for the help. I haven't had time to do this yet, but will soon. Thanks much. :)

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