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Ports needed to open on CISCO ASA firewall

Discussion in 'Exchange Server Questions' started by tushar22, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. tushar22


    our setup will be like this

    windows 2008 R2 std --- domain controller in internal network

    windows2008R2 std ----- additional Domain controller in internal network

    windows 2008R2 std with exchange 2010 std (Placed in our internal network ---(Client access role,mailbox role and hub transport role)

    windows 2008 RS std with exchange 2010 std (Placed in DMZ) ---(edge transport role)

    We have a cisco ASA firewall.Now which port we will have to open up on cisco firewall so that edge transport server and hub transport serve can communicate properly.
  2. Mumin CICEK [MVP]

    Mumin CICEK [MVP]


    The Edge Transport server uses custom LDAP ports. The following ports are needed for the directory synchronization: LDAP: Port 50389/TCP Secure LDAP: Port 50636/UDP SMTP: Port 25/TCP Optional: enable RDP: Port 3389/TCP

    and here is detailed information about Edge Transport Server configuration ;



    Communication port settings for Edge Transport servers

    Network interface Open port Protocol Note

    Inbound from and outbound to the Internet



    This port must be open for mail flow to and from the Internet.

    Inbound from and outbound to the internal network



    This port must be open for mail flow to and from the Exchange organization.

    Local only



    This port is used to make a local connection to ADAM.

    Inbound from the internal network


    Secure LDAP

    This port must be open for EdgeSync synchronization.

    Inbound from the internal network



    Opening this port is optional. It provides more flexibility in managing the Edge Transport servers from inside the internal network by letting you use a remote desktop connection to manage the Edge Transport server.


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