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Migration of mailbox to Exchange 2010

Discussion in 'Exchange Server Questions' started by SHAREISCARE, Nov 2, 2010.




    Dear Experts

    I am migrating my users from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.

    What i want is the delivery of the emails should go to the repective Exchange server

    for Example: user1@abc.com is on exchange 2003 and user2@abc.com is on exchange 2010

    how the servers would recognize that the USER2 is on Exchange 2010 my deliveries of the emails are on Exchange 2003

    If you have any idea to resolve this pls share

    Best regards


  2. Sembee [MVP]

    Sembee [MVP]


    If the two servers are in the same Exchange org then you don't have to do anything. Exchange knows. Just have external email delivered to one of the servers and Exchange will ensure the email is delivered to the correct server.

    However if you are going to a new server in a new Forest, then it is more complex, but you would need to explain exactly what is happening if that is the case.


    Simon Butler, Exchange MVP

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    Dear Simon

    i am migrating with new forest.

    Now the emails are being received on the old Exchange 2003 server.

    I want to migrate the users mailbox in Batch so that there would not be problems for everyone.

    I am planning to move the mailbox on 2010 and then delete the same from the old forest but how the exchange would recognize where to route the emails

    Best regards

  4. Sembee [MVP]

    Sembee [MVP]

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