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Sharing BCM with laptop.

Discussion in 'BCM (Business Contact Manager)' started by daverat, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. daverat



    I have spent approximately 8 hours searching online on this and a chat session with Microsoft didn't even help.

    I cannot share the Database. I have followed all troubleshooting points ad infinitum. I am about to cry and for an old man that is not good!

    When I run the wizard on the client to add database it come up with no databases found. When I run the wizard to allow users on the server(where the DB is - sorry if too non-technical) I can not manage to add a user on the other laptop.

    If anybody has an idiot's guide I would be grateful or could point this idiot in the right direction he would be eternally grateful.



  2. Diane Poremsky

    Diane Poremsky

    Senior Member
  3. daverat


    Thanks Diane

    Now sorted. On a slightly other point, are the forms available on both PCs on a shared database or do I need to recreate them on both.

    Thanks again for your help.


    did you let the BCM tool create the database using the names it wanted to use? <= this important

    Configuring BCM to share a SQL server database - Slipstick Systems[/QUOTE]
  4. Diane Poremsky

    Diane Poremsky

    Senior Member
    I never tested it and i can't test it now because my computer won't connect to the remote db. :) If they are stored in the database, they are shared, I'm just not sure where they are stored.
  5. daverat


    OK thank you Diane I will try and find them in the database - assuming I find the database :confused:
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