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Sharing Contact w/ a custom form

Discussion in 'Using Outlook' started by josnjax, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. josnjax


    Hi! My name is Jen & I am the office manager in my husbands law firm. Along w/ being the office manager here I am the resident IT, carpenter, phone & maintenance person! If I can't fix it then we call "the guy"! :D Anyway ~ we have used time matters for ever for our case management & calendar until January 1 and the calendar went down & the support people at time matters told me I'd have to pay close to $5K to get an answer to fix it! (upgrade & maintenance plan). After that we decided that Outlook is capable of doing all we need & we already have it! So, with the addition of Code Two Public Folders (for just over $200 ~ a far cry from the $5K!) we got our calendar back! That was the first priority with the contacts for the case management being a "work in progress". But now we have been told that the version of time matters that we use will no longer be supported as of march or april this year and we are fearful that the same thing that happened to our calendar will happen to the rest of the database (essentially its there but you get a "one time" look and when you click on the next item the first one disappears!).

    So, now the technical aspects of our system ... I have Outlook 2007 & as previously said use Code Two Public folders and we are running on Windows XP Pro. I have synced my calendar and love the results. Now I am working on syncing the master contact list with the others in my office.

    I designed a contact form and published it and I tested it to make sure it worked. After I designed the form the way I wanted it (I'm sure this will be a continual process!) but I shared the folder w/ the others in the office. The file shared and they can see what's in there BUT the form i designed is not shared as well.

    I assume that the template would have to be on all the computers and that is the problem? Based on that assumption, the question I have is HOW do I copy the new "template" to the other computers or the server whichever way it has to be. I can't seem to find it anywhere to copy & paste. I searched the computer and results are always NONE ... I'm hoping for a simple answer but I know its probably more complicated than I'd like!

    Also, any other tips or suggestions to help would be greatly appreciated!! ;)

    Thanks in advance for the help! :)

  2. Diane Poremsky

    Diane Poremsky

    Senior Member
    When you aren't using Exchange server, the custom form will need to be published on all computers. Open a new, blank item using the form and save it as a template. Publish the template on the other computers, just as you did on your computer. I don't know if it will work with the CodeTwo app - I'm not sure exactly how that handles custom forms. (I'll ask.)
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  3. Diane Poremsky

    Diane Poremsky

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    According to my friend at CodeTwo, you can do it:

  4. josnjax


    Thank you soo much! I didn't have the "sync" set to allow the custom forms which is why it wasn't working. So I turned that on & it still wasn't working ... come to find out I never saved the setting and closed the program so it didn't accept it!

    Happy to report that it is working now & I love it! :D Thanks again!!

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